15 Facts About Renewable Energy You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. In Iowa and Wisconsin, biomass energy from dairy farms is being used to make electricity
  2. Almost ½ of the renewable energy in the USA comes from biomass, such as paper
  3. 20% of the UK population live in areas suitable from geothermal heating
  4. In 2014, China built at least 2 wind turbines per day
  5. By 2050, Europe and North America could run on 100% renewable energy
  6. Sunlight takes a little over 8 minutes to reach Earth and a few seconds longer to make contact with solar panels
  7. The power generated by 1 wind turbine is enough to power 1,400 households
  8. The energy used to make 10 Google searches is enough to power a 60-watt light bulb
  9. 48 people riding bikes for 24 hours can generate enough electricity to run a TV for a week
  10. An estimated 15 trillion watts of power are used across the world
  11. Water is the most common source of renewable energy and provides enough power for 28,000,000 people
  12. If it could be properly harnessed, enough sunlight falls on the Earth in just one hour to meet the world energy demands for a whole year
  13. The 5 main forms of renewable energy are: solar, wind, water, biofuel and geothermal
  14. Solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable resources in the world
  15. In 2012, Mexico handed out 23,000,000 free light bulbs

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