Leyland Golf Club

Solar Installation on Club House using Solarworld Modules

15kw installed with client

We installed a 15kw installation on the Club House for Leyland Golf Club in 2015. Within the first few days the system had already exceeded expectations in terms of production, and is set to save the Leyland Golf Club a considerable sum of money from their electricity bills. The system has also helped Leyland Golf Club to reduce their carbon footprint, as a recent PV Sol report has calculated that the CO2 emissions for the club will be reduced by 7847kg per year. The installation took a week to complete, from the erection of the scaffolding to the commissioning of the system.

The black Solarworld panels (manufactured in Germany) compliment the existing building design, meaning that the Golf Club can retain it’s stylish aesthetics whilst playing a part in helping the environment. The golfers will be sure to enjoy the more energy efficient Club House, knowing that the emissions reduction will help to keep their golfing greens green!

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