20-25 Properties Per Week

 Project Turnover approx £110,000

We provided planned periodic testing on occupied housing across Manchester for Keepmoat. We tested approximately 1200 properties over a 12 month period, and worked in a variety of accommodations, including sheltered schemes. We tested flats, houses and bungalows, and installed 100a DP switches where required. The combined cost of the periodic inspection and the 100aDP switch meant that Keepmoat were able to save money on repeat visits from separate contractors, as there are only a small number of contractors in the North West who are authorised by a MOCOPA registered company to fit these switches.

We contacted the tenants in advance by phone to ensure that access is made available for our engineers, meaning that we made the most of our time on site and managed to have a low no-access rate for properties. If we had access issues for a certain property, we would use a ‘3 card’ system wherein we would leave a card enabling the tenant to re-book their appointment. We would continue to call at the property until we had delivered three of these calling cards, on three non-consecutive days, each at a different time of day. If we were still unable to contact the tenant on the phone numbers provided, or by calling to the property, we sent through the carbon copies of our calling cards to the housing association to aid in gaining access. Through this process we managed to minimise access issues which had been a problem for the previous contractor who worked on the job.

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