It’s the most common question that we get asked her at Solargen Energy, and for good reason. Savvy homeowners want to know that when they invest their hard earned money, that money will continue working for them. They want to know if solar panels are a profitable long term investment that will help them to save money for years to come – and the answer is yes!

So what makes solar panels such a good investment? There are several reasons people choose to invest, but the most obvious is energy price security. After energy price rises increased peoples bills by an average of 54% in 2022, there was a revived interest in solar panel installations that led to an industry boom, bringing more efficient and innovative solar technologies to the market than ever before. Many homeowners took advantage of this technology to reduce their bills, and to protect them from further energy market fluctuations for decades to come. Last year was a record breaking year for solar panel installations, with more than 183,000 new installations being registered in 2023 alone.

The financial payback is clear to see, with the majority of properties recouping the costs of their installation within 6-7 years, and continuing to reap the benefits for long after – especially as energy prices continue to increase globally. When you invest in solar panels, you have a physical product generating income in the form of your own energy every day. Furthermore, unlike traditional investments, with 10 year manufacturer guarantees on your solar panel system that income is protected, year after year.

With increasing global instability and energy costs fluctuating more than ever in recent years, reducing your energy costs is more desirable than ever. But solar panels don’t just offer a good financial investment – they are also good for the future of the planet, the environment, and our families for generations to come.

The solar PV industry has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, with ever more efficient and affordable technologies (and we would know- we have been established since 2010 and are one of Lancashires longest running solar PV installers), and this investment in green, clean energy is helping to reduce our carbon emissions. A 6kw solar panel system will save roughly 2,000kg of CO2 each year, and whilst there is a carbon footprint attached to the manufacturing and installation of a solar panel system, this can become carbon neutral and offset the footprint within as little as one year. Surprisingly, solar panels reduce CO2 emissions more per acre than planting trees!

Solar panels are also a smart investment if you are a pioneer of other green technologies, such as electric vehicles. You can link your solar panel inverter to your electric car charger, and take advantage of the smart tariffs available from energy suppliers to charge and discharge from your battery using overnight low cost tariffs to reduce your bills even further, and sell energy back to the grid at a profit.

So as you can see, solar panel systems are a reliable, environmentally friendly and easy way to invest in both your property and the planet whilst feeling the benefit for years to come. Here at Solargen Energy Ltd, we have a friendly team on hand to answer any of your questions regarding solar panels. We can provide a free proposal detailing how a solar panel system could benefit your individual property, taking into account roof space, orientation, and pitch, and your energy costs and usage. So give us a call on 0800 1123 571 to discuss taking the next steps on your solar panel journey!