Do I need permission to install a solar panel system from anybody eg. Electricity company, local council?

Only if you live in a listed building, or a conservation area. If you would like a system over 3.6kw, you will need permission from the DNO (Distribution network operator). We can assist with submitting the G99 form to the DNO for this. 

What happens in winter? Will my panels still work then?

Solar panels generate electricity from daybreak onwards, and continue to work even during the short winter days when it is over cast or raining. Production will vary significantly throughout the seasons – you will notice a decrease in production (and battery utilisation if applicable) over winter, this is normal. Annual generation estimates take into account the decrease in production over the winter months.

Will my supply be any different eg dimmer lights?

You will notice no difference whatsoever, and all your appliances will work as normal.

Is operating the system complicated?

Not at all! The system will be fully set up by the engineers before they leave, and you will not need to do anything once it has been commissioned. Most inverters now have access to an app so you can monitor from your mobile phone how the system is performing.

Will ALL of my electricity be free?

No. You will still continue to use electricity from the grid and to pay a standing charge, but you can expect a significant annual decrease in your electricity bills depending on the size and type of system. The panels will not affect your gas bills. We can provide you with a personalised estimate of your savings with a quotation. We are as open and transparent as possible regarding the benefits of your system, and use the industry approved MCS standards to calculate estimated performance and financial value.

Where does the equipment go?

This will depend on the layout of your property. In some properties the loft space is the best place, in others a garage or utility room may be the best place to locate the invertor and/or battery.

How do I turn the system off?

Shutdown procedure

If you need to shut down the solar PV system, please follow these steps in this order: 

  1. Switch off the solar supply main switch in the consumer unit
  2. Switch off the AC isolator adjacent to the inverter
  3. Switch off the DC isolator adjacent to the inverter

Following these steps will safely isolate the solar array. To switch the array back on, simply repeat the steps in reverse – switching the items on in the opposite order. 

Always remember that your solar PV system will be generating electricity during daylight hours, and care should always be taken to eliminate the risk of electric shock.

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